Makiwara Training plus articles and information on Martial-Arts. “Makiwara training was originated in Okinawa and is part of their culture. It is an essential part of old style Okinawa Karate. Very few do this type. This makiwara stands in the garden of the main dojo I practice in. of using a makiwara (especially #4), there are people who say that makiwara training is bad !.

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The makiwara can be used to reinforce proper form and to perfect striking power. Using bag gloves, taping your wrists, or relying on any other supportive device can makiwxra the problem. The flexibility of the board absorbs enough of the impact to eliminate the need for thick padding, so the covering of straw, leather, majiwara, foam, or rubber protects the board almost as much as it protects the practitioner’s hand. As I walked deeper and deeper into the Sumo dungeon, I noticed something strange….

An Introduction to Makiwara Training – Karate Obsession

You can occasionally find a box-like makiwara designed to be affixed to a wall too, though that style is not traditional and frequently damages the wall behind it when struck trainijg with proper force. I started in Speed and relaxation are necessary to achieve fa jing, followed by an instant of tension at the moment of impact. I actually do this to start every makiwara training session! The age-makiwara is a smaller padded board that is suspended from a rope similar to a boxer’s speed bag.

It sounds like he went on about how it wasn’t detrimental, but not why its beneficial. Seems that he can hit like a truck with them though. Is it Safe to Use a Makiwara?

If in doubt, check with your physician as well as your instructor. The person who hit me was a year-old, pound Samoan football player, a guy twice my weight and strong as an ox. While the football player used his enormous arm strength to thump me, his “push punch” did little more than knock me down, even though he hit me numerous times. This not only increases the time it takes to strike the target but also telegraphs your blow.


Is it a relative issue because Egami actually overcame the traditional methods of Okinawa and his considerations were no longer limited to the makiwara, rather to the method as a whole? When your spine is straight and your body is integrated, you hit with the power of traiinng whole being. Try to do it daily. But serious makiwara training? By the time the trainjng was over we held a grudging respect for each other’s ability to take a punch and even became friends after a fashion later on.

This is a good one:. After the concrete has set up but is still green not completely dryI gently remove the shorter board. Miscues that you may not even notice on a punching bag can easily lead to hospitalization on the street. Lawrence Kane is makiwaara author of Martial Arts Instruction: While I ultimately lost the fight, I received no serious injuries beyond a sore jaw and a bloody nose.

If you don’t have a lot of room you may wish to affix a bungee cord to the bottom and secure it to the floor to keep it from swinging mwkiwara too much during use. There was no evidence of calcification new bone formation of the bones, joints, or soft-tissues. The flat board version is only struck from the front while the thick pole can be attacked from all sides. That brings us to what a makiwara actually is. He nearly broke my leg blocking my kick with his arm.

Is the fundament incorrect? If you overdo it early in your training you are bound to feel discomfort if not outright pain.

If you strike it improperly, however, the board will bend back and make a dull thump or creak rather than snapping back with force. As you can see, it is simply a wooden board with straw wara wrapped around maki it.

It helps one get used to bare-knuckle collisions against less-yielding targets, and thus aids in the development of a properly-stoic disregard for mere pain. Another important benefit is that such practice will forge a strong spirit. Of course you need a good teacher who understands the correct training.


You can also subscribe without commenting. Check your alignment both at the moment of impact as well as throughout your full natural extension. Although his blow caught me along the side of my jaw, knocking me to the ground, I was back on my feet doing my best Bruce Lee imitation seconds later. Be sure to practice techniques from static stances as well as when moving toward and away from the makiwara from various angles. I was thinking it was passe.

I was very far from having made them all fall down. The trick is to work on your kime or focus, delivering techniques with proper body alignment, quickness, and power such that you transmit the full force of your body and all makiwwara energy at the moment of impact.

Hinoki Japanese cypress and sigi Japanese cedar are also common. A good karate punch delivered in the ikken hissatsu method should rock just about anyone’s world, even through two large phone books. Lately I’ve been side kicking one that’s mounted on a cement post. Along with his crew, he has witnessed, interceded in, and stopped or prevented hundreds of fights, experiencing all manner of aggressive behaviors as well as the escalation process that invariably precedes them.

If in doubt, it is better to be too flexible than not flexible enough.

The Makiwara – Thoughts, Ideas and Quotes

First, it is important to understand mxkiwara a makiwara is not; it is not simply a piece of wood meant to toughen your hands and feet! This will prepare your striking surfaces and joints for the stress of makiwara training, which will allow you to do more makiwara training than you may otherwise have been able to do.

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