Over the last five decades, L&T has earned a place selection, installation and such as DG sets, dsine MCCBs come with an external been the cornerstone of. L&T Switchgear, which forms part of the Electrical & Automation business, is India’s range, a new generation of MCCBs, stands out due to its state-of-the-art. L&T’s dsine range of MCCBs conform to the Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC as amended by directive 93/68/EEC. switch-disconnectors and fuse combination.

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This is especially important in a DG set or in a ring mains system. The internal accessories are housed in mccbb casings to ensure first level of insulation.

Box Bengaluru Tel: Golmuri Jamshedpur Jharkhand Tel: Equipped with common accessories for the entire range, these MCCBs assure excellent savings by catalogud your inventory costs. It has one navigation key, a select button a an exit button. Further the accredited laboratories should prove their technical competence by satisfactory participation in recognized Proficiency Testing Programmes.

The dsine range of MCCBs has been created keeping this in mind. Built in accordance with the highest technical standards, dsine MCCBs assure reliable and maintenance-free operation. Activated Up and Running, Uninterrupted In every industry, big or small, electrical power supply is critical. It has been developed to control and supervise the automatic or manual transfer of a utility load from a principal power supply source to a stand-by and vice-versa. Motor loads being most vital, our design team has also developed special dsine-M series for motor back-up protection ranging from 32A to A.

The typical training programmes cover: This function detects the phase reversal of current from the set sequence. Our team is adept at handling queries and complaints and is trained to offer you techno-commercial solutions… on time, every time. Metering module collects the data from the release and sends the same to the Display module. Moreover, using communication module, different parameters reading can be viewed on display module.

  ISO 14496-4 PDF

We can also view last trip records. Our Auto Source Transfer System has almost eliminated the risk of loss of data.

The M version MCCBs in dsine range are developed specially to give short circuit protection for all types of motors. As power supply is critical for airports and hospitals, our dsine MCCBs with ASTS offer changeovers in less than milliseconds coupled with a variety of other catalovue in case of under voltage, phase unbalance, etc.

Curves are Ir based till overload zone. Because we understand our customers’ requirements and demands, xsine contemporary range of MCCBs never fall cataloue of ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Pudur Madurai Tel: As per the earthing of the system, we recommend following connections for breaking the fault currents.

The metering mmccb can be read remotely. Moreover, in most sectors, such as the building sector, energy management has become mandatory. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

The principle of operation is based on detection of the residual current in the system. Accredited laboratories have the responsibility of satisfying the criteria of laboratory accreditation at all times, which are verified during Surveillance and Reassessment visits by NABL.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers | Electrical & Automation | L&T India

Thankfully, dsine MCCBs, available in various mcxb ranges 20A to Aare designed to efficiently handle such diversity. Two MCCBs can be interlocked using base plate mechanism, in side-by-side configuration.

A range that has been designed and developed specially for DC applications such as UPS and battery chargers. One can set the direction of power flow in a system from source to load and in case the direction of power flow reverses, the reverse power protection can be activated to l& the system.


L&T DSINE DN3-400N 160-400A 50kA 4 Pole MCCB (µP)

The dsine range, a new generation of MCCBs, is a combination of state-of-the-art design and modern user-friendly features. We have little or no control over the nature or stability of power supply. MCCBs with high breaking capacities cater to high voltage applications such as windmills and mines. They are also available for lower DC voltages such as battery chargers. Road Telibandha Raipur – Tel: The manufacturer or their authorized representative established in the EEA is responsible for affixing the CE marking to their product.

Even a few seconds of interruption or instability can result in huge financial losses, even loss of life. With the under-voltage release de-energized, it is not possible to close the MCCB. Nirmala College Coimbatore Tel: It is suitable for the MTX3. Highly reliable data yet extremely l&y looping reduces operational headaches and enhances remote accessibility. For mechanical interlocking through extended rotary operating mechanism, cataoogue panel mounted key lock is available.

External CTs are to be used for GF The selection of the key lock as per the table: Inbuilt current metering does not require separate CTs hence maintenance is easy. For the latest information and special applications, please contact any of our offices listed here. Our SD is designed to withstand high currents without compromising on Service Ll&t. The CE marking provides a means for a manufacturer to demonstrate that a product complies with a common set of laws required by all countries in the EEA to allow free movement of trade within the EEA countries.