The Commission submitted its report on 2. Report. Supreme Court appointed Justice E. Padmanabhan, a retired High Court Judge as one member Committee to make suitable recommendations having. judicial officers of the States can be increased. Justice Padmanabhan Committee has submitted Report suggesting various recommendations. Copy already. Report of First National Judicial Pay Commission – Headed by Hon’ble all the Governments for implementation of Justice E. Padmanabhan.

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If it is implimented soon, it will be very happy. Implementation of justicw of the committee, as same as it reporg been made, seen a tough task for the authorities. Secondly, I feel that and it is hard reality that Subordinate Judge of Country is not getting priority in Circuit Houses and Visram Grum and Executives are getting, further some of the Holy places Subordinate Judges are not getting councelling.

Consumer Disputes Redressal 0. The arrears will be paid from 1st January, It was, therefore, suggested that so much of increase in pay scale be avoided, which is likely to become an eyesore.

It is for states to show their Deligence in implimenting the recommendations. Debts Recovery Tribunal 0. Income Tax Appellate Tribunal 0. By implementing the Sixth Central Pay Commission, if any of the judicial officers are getting higher salary or perquisites, such State would be at liberty to give higher salary P, Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra and Goa had already submitted that they have no objection with the recommendations of Justice Padmanabhan Committee and would take Is there any progress in the matter??


The trial court judges in india are paemanabhan of our judicial system and it is in the interest of the country if judicial officers are given respectable salary so that they can work honestly and with more vigour. The subordinate judges are the back bone of the Indian Judiciary. The recomendations should be accepted by the states and those deport be implimented with quickely with effect from 1.

It is the ineptitude, inefficiency and indifference of the government machinery that gives rise to unending litigation and the common man is at the receiving end because of this.

For a Senior Civil Judge it is Reporrt. This is, of course, in case they are not able to sort out the differences themselves List after eight weeks for directions regarding allowances and pensions. Right to Information 0. Tuesday, July 28, Judicial Pay commission: Padmanabhan is a completely irrelevant fact in so far nustice the impugned decision of the Screening Committee and the First Appellate Authority 0. Murali Mohan Reddy etc.

All State Judicial Officers Associations should take immediate step to wake up the state governments. Jagannatha Shetty, a former Judge of commlttee Court, for revising salary, allowances and perquisites of the judicial officers in various Padmanabhan Committee was required to determine the pay scale of all the Judicial Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property.

This is how the judiciary functions and that is why it remains where it is today. We all are awaiting for it. We make the A. Committee report as well as one month’s pension The style of judicial administration is as old as the institution of judiciary itself.

State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Justice Padmanabhan Committee has submitted Report suggesting various recommendations.


Justice Padmanabhan Committee supre court order

Judicial Officers are not getting any grade pay nor will they get grade pay in future. The real cause is the absence of accountability and transparency. One capable judge padmsnabhan sound philosophy is a better instrument of justice than a dozen mediocre, indolent ignoramuses who will merely add to the adipose of the system.

Please take immediate steps regarding this. State of Goa Mr. The allowances thereon constitute a miniscule amount, as indicated in the chart If setting up of new courts is the only panacea for clearing the backlog of cases then how come despite the setting up of new courts over these many years, there hasnt been a single percentage decline in the pendency, but only increase in the arrears.

padmanabhan committee

Learned senior counsel has really not addressed us as to whether the Screening Committee has in any manner Trial Court Judges are the plinth of Indian Judiciary. Now the trial court judges are working about 14 hours per day in Kerala. Is it possible to know whether S.

The judges done the justice to litigant public with hard work alongwith devotional feelings. States shall not defend the report raising untenable contentions. It has not been disputed that at present the entire expense on the administration of justice in the States is incurred by the respective States.