A beautifully wrought modern fairy tale from master storyteller and award-winning author Nancy Werlin Inspired by the classic folk ballad “Scarborough. Impossible. by Nancy Werlin. Seventeen-year-old Lucy Scarborough appears to lead a normal life. She is a junior in high school, runs track. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a long time. Last week, amid my Christmas book-buying frenzy, I picked up Nancy Werlin’s Impossible as.

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Time is running out, but together they will werlun to complete the impossible tasks. As in, one way of getting pregnant is forgivable even if horrible but if it’s through an act of irresponsibility and teen hormones it’s not? Lucy Scarborough is in her last year of high school and coping pretty well thank you very much, especially considering her mother, Miranda, is the local crazy bag lady.

One of the best qualities of this story is namcy Lucy is so likable, and I’m glad to see a main character that has support from not only her family but friends I wish I had thought of making a curse out of a song, that is an awesome idea and obviously worked for this novel.

There’s not nearly enough exclamation marks in that review. If the author would have spent a little more time developing Lucy and Zach’s character and relationship, designed three tasks that were more meaningful rather than silly, and tighten up her writing style, she might have had a stronger novel in the end.

I was tempted to replace the “Discussion Guide” questions imoossible the end with “Can you spot the qerlin antifeminist retrogressive tropes? The fantasy elements are new for her, but the intensity, the superb prose, the deft plotting, and the gorgeous characterizations are not. What I appreciated most from this book was the values it provides readers.


So to Goodwill this book must go, to program some unsuspecting low-income teenage girl. This was a really gripping and satisfying read, and I loved the way she described things like clothes and the characters. Does anyone else remember this or bg it simply the Mandela effect?

The turning of each page reveals another fact about the family curse. Why would you do something like that?

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

I realize there is something wrong with me to have these sorts of thoughts. I can’t get into it Her mother, however, is a crazy bag woman and the only redeemable part of the novel because there is a scene where crazy bum mom throws bottles from her cart at her daughter and it is laugh-out-loud funny. Geez Larbalestier brings the adorable. View all 4 comments.

This was not one of those books! When I first read the synopsis of this book, I expected it to be full of fantasy; with all the talk about an Elfin Knight who wants to own every one of the Scarborough girls, I expected some mischief from him or something now and then.

It’s not that the values the story supports aren’t worthy – I especially appreciated the focus on family support and trust – but that it made the characters dull and passive.

Unless I can somehow print out this review, and secrete it between the book’s pages I liked how the whole idea germinated from the old folk song Scarborough Fairof which there are many versions – Werlin created impossibel own, ominous version.


So all in all, not a book I personally would recommend.

Impossible (Impossible, #1) by Nancy Werlin

Interesting twist on song. Also, she never once considers not having the child. I loved many things about this imposxible Now that i realise it, there is also another thing. Third, the fantasy element was practically nonexistent.

So we can guess right from the start who this knight is and what Lucy will have to do to protect her unborn child and herself from insanity. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Yes, there’s a rape in this book. Thinking back on it, i don’t know what to rate this book.


And this book has it in spades!!! Obviously he is a key player in how things pan out.

View all 20 comments. That should do it. I picked up this book based on it’s high ratings, and interesting premise. I’m looking forward to Jmpossible.

IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin | Kirkus Reviews

Werlin’s adult application to the story wasn’t carried throughout. Even if your mother is literally crazy. Instead of reading this, read “Graceling. In fact, I loved the beginning.

Basically when your friend don’t like it, yet you wantbecause it’s just wishing, it to better than what they experienced.