The IGCT is a gate-controlled turn-off switch which turns off like a transistor but conducts like a thyristor with the lowest conduction losses. Figure 1 shows turn- off. Basic design rules and handling / application recommendations for IGCT Gate Units .. The connector X1 is specified in the corresponding IGCT data sheet. mm. Height h. ± mm. 41 mm. Width IGCT w. ± mm. mm. 1) Maximum rated values indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur.

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This promising approach has been investigated on a very limited set of components. In particular, this task will focus on generating scalable electrical and thermal models for HTS cables that can be used in systems analysis to quantify the benefits, gict, and identifying potential challenges that needs to be tackled for successful implementation of HTS cables on AES.

As new documents become available, they will be appended to this post.

Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT) | ABB

In order to quantify the availability of distributed energy storage embedded in the ship power systems to the mission loads this task will develop a probabilistic approach to allow objective comparisons between centralized energy storage allocations and mission load centric energy storage to support dynamic mission load profiles.

The rack moves in the positive direction when the voltage at node A with respect to node B positive. This project was motivated by the success and feasibility of impedance measurements and impedance-based controls at the low voltage level. This effort will develop the Volterra Series technique into a comprehensive toolset that can provide a mathematically and physically rigorous and acceptable method to analyze nonlinear system classes, including high-power converters, with the added benefit of model portability across other platforms and greater transparency with regard to model detail.


ESRDC | Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium)

The goal of this architectural model is to develop an early-stage design tool capable of performing tradeoff studies on concepts such as AC vs.

Filtering of the feedback impedance was used to attempt to develop a compromise between stability and performance.

Such a description is advantageous in that it is language independent. The communications between a server and a client part may be realized using RPC remote procedure call, in this case workstations may be connected by a network or using a pipe a section of shared memory that processes use for communication. The power load CPL consists of a buck converter and a switching control that is designed to dissipate a constant power for a given input voltage range.

However, this average value does not capture the magnitude of peak waste heat during transient situations.

The voltage control loop drives the error in the output voltage to zero by generating a current command through the use of a PI regulator with decoupling and feed-forward control.

The upgrade process was successfully completed and the PHIL facility has already been used for experiments including power conversion module testing and superconducting fault current limiters. This is an understandable constraint as most engineers today graduate being competent in such program. This will be accomplished by S-parameter measurement using a vector network analyzer VNA. This task will igcf the ongoing development to assess the relevance to the Navy of various design features of the superconducting components and cryogenic system components and collecting and maintaining the data necessary to create electrical models.

It also contains the effects of emitter recombination and junction capacitance. Additional impedances to ground can be added for calibration purposes.

First, a future surface ship must be robust and reconfigurable; with an optimal power distribution grid, ship sectors damaged during combat can be isolated from the rest of the grid, thus minimizing damage and prolonging the ship’s operability. The base igdt system data provided here is also derived from the S3D platform. Notional System Report Two – Rev In chapter 1 and 2 a short introduction to the All-electric ship concept and the topic of grounding of direct current power system operated at medium voltage level is given, while in chapter 3 the modeling approach based on S-parameters is presented.


By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The consortium continues to address the national shortage of electrical power engineers.

The third simplification that has been made is that many components are represented in the abstract based on the operation goals of the component rather than on the details of what might physically be present. The connection is a signal coupling done by modified nodal analysis. Please make changes in the Word version of this document using track changes. However, they do have a parasitic impedance to ground that can be measured by VNA measurements while not energized and by fault tests when in operation.

This is a research environment involving naval officers and the system is helping them improve the quality of their education during their limited time at NPS. An analysis framework will be developed along with supporting software tools which takes into account the controllability of localized energy storage via the supervisory control approach and interface characteristics.

Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT)

A generalized process for designing electric warships proposed by Doerry [1] consists of the following steps:. There was a problem with your request.

The breaker is always initialized in the closed state. The server and the client parts with the same endpoint value represent one connection.