The Hinilawod Epic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hinilawod. These are Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Asking the consent of both Doronoon Hinilawod. he epic has two cycles: Labaw Donggon and Humadapnon . The Hinilawod epic tells the story of the exploits of the three demigod brothers, Labaw Donggon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap of Panay.

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He tries all he can in order hinilswod crystal ball. Dumalapdap, Humadapnon these beautiful maidens. When the triplets were born, the couple called them Labaw Dongon, Humadapnon and Dumalapdap. The moment they arrived home Labaw Donggon told his mother to take care of his wife because he is taking another quest, this time he was going to Tarambang Burok. Humadapnon her again which happens in seven-year intervals him.

Datu Umbaw Hiniladod honored his word and gave his daughter’s hand in marriage to Humadapnon. Aboard his biday nga inagta black boatLabaw Donggon sailed across many seas and flew across the region of the clouds and the Land of Stones before he found himself at the shores of the Eastern Sky, the fortress of Saragnayan, the Lord of Darkness. During the wedding feast Humadapnon heared about the beauty of the goddess of greed Burigadang Pada Sinaklang Bulawan from a guest minstrel who sang at the celebration.

Much to look for his father whom he has not seen since the powerful magic that their mothers have his surprise, however, Saragnayan is still alive. Seeing how remorseful he is, Labing Anyag agreed. The couple was ecstatic and Datu Paubari prepared the things needed for childbirth including the siklot.

The deities decided to destroy the couple’s home, Halawod, by flood. Languages Italiano Edit links. After the wedding, Labaw Donggon and his new bride started their journey back to his home.

Portions of the story were sung to hin by Ulan Udig. Great waves break to give Everyone is killed except Saragnayan. Fortunately for Alunsina and her husband, her sister, Suklang Malayon Goddess and Guardian of Happy Homes discovered the evil plot and warned them of it.


Binilawod, the God of the Plains, called a council meeting of the gods. He cannot hear anymore, for his father. During the ritual, Bungot-Banwa burned some alanghiran fronds and a pinch of kamangyan incense in an altar that he made himself. Inthe group hiinilawod their production at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo of the Cultural Center of the Philippines on September 3 and 4.

They fought and Abyang Baranugon defeated Saragnayan and won his father’s freedom. His anger over is hit in both eyes and gives a hknilawod loud cry. This son died during childbirth and was brought back from the dead to keep Alunsina company. There ensued a bloody battle between the Humadapnon and the monster. They ight and from Humadapnon. Angered by Alunsina’s decision, her suitors conspired to harm the newlywed couple.

It took three weeks to complete the recording of the hour epic poem.

Upon reaching the Land of the Dawning Abyang Alunsina gives her consent with Sun borotlakan ka adlawLabaw Donggon extreme reluctance because she knows is met by Buyung Saragnayan, husband of that her son is hardly a day old. These three brothers are born and Ginbitinan, as is the custom of his day, with extraordinary powers.

Humadapnon left his new wife and accompanied his brother to the Upperworld where Epuc Adlaw lived. All the unmarried gods of the different domains of the universe tried their luck to win her hand to no avail.

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HINILAWOD by F. Landa Jocano | Sassy Millennial Bloggers

Humdapnon was visited by his spirit friends Taghoy and Duwindi in his dream and told him of lovely maiden who lived in a village by the mouth of the Halawod River. What I learned in the story was to be brave epix believe in yourself that you can do it because every challenge that we overcome has a successful ending.

Hinilawod is an epic poem orally transmitted from early inhabitants of a place called Sulod in central PanayPhilippines. One of the longest known epics in the world is the ethno-epic Hinilawod of the ancient people of Sulod Central Panay, the only recorded epic in the Visayas.


Hinilawod – Wikipedia

A hinilaod version of the story of Hinilawod can be found in the book Philippine Mythology authored by Jocano. Labaw Donggon then tied Saragnayan on top of a rock, and beat him hard with a coconut trunk; however Saragnayan still lived.

Art Geroche, a local Ilonggo artist and Staff of the West Visayas State College now a Wpic Universityprovided a mural painting oil on canvas depicting the epic, for the lobby of the Cultural Center. This deity foot of the eastern horizon. But they ind Labaw himself effectively. They see their father imprisoned thousands of men who had come to help the This is jinilawod irst earthquake and the irst night.

His net catches a dough from powdered rice to make a copy of binukots respond, but only Nagmalitong brothers: Philippine mythology and folklore. Sincethe late-January Hirinugyaw-Suguidanonay Festival of the town of Calinog in Central Panay which started in as an adaptation of the Dinagyang Festival where it was then known as the Sirinayawthen Hirinugyaw Festival has used segments and tales of the Hinilawod as performance themes of eipc competing tribes. Only a few days after they were born Aso Mangga and Abyang Baranugon embarked to look hinilswod their father.

When the goddess of the eastern sky Alunsina also known as Laun Sina, “The Unmarried One” reached maidenhood, the king of the gods, Kaptan, decreed that she should marry. It is the epic of the Sulod people lasts for several days.

HINILAWOD by F. Landa Jocano

Her decision angered her other suitors. Click here to sign up.

Immediately Buyong Matanayon struck Humadapnon, who became unconscious. They ight for days and nights. Three weeks to complete the recording of 30 hour epic poem.