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Nought but the wave. Maktubat-e-Hazrat Khwaja Baaqi ballah Naqshbandi dehlvi.

How long will I be in your pain? Does the fountain consider itself separated from earth when it is compelled to break through and pour alongside its cheek? Astonishment The experience of Unity tughan Being appears to be immersed in a hard paradox, where he feels that the beloved is both transcendental and nearer to him at the same time.

He may also be stalled for many years, like in the case of Hafiz Ladinsky, p. However, since it can only be inconclusively submitted for the peculiarity of a particular inquiry, for present purposes let us only view it in the light of irfan. Additionally, it also means that God has attributes and acts by which He appears everywhere to the wayfarer arif. The Practice of Mysticism irfan-i Amali in Rui.


Kai Chaand They Sar-e-Aasman: Deewan-e-Sahir Kufr-e-Ishq Deewan. The very notion of eumi to God” is rui. Burhan jild,shumara-6,Jun Shumara Number Nought but the Sea.

But will it ever sprout? Retrieved September 17,from http: As in the case of Rumi who sees truth in Shams ul haqq. Translation is my own Mystics must adhere to a certain holistic code f life that comprises law, the path and the truth shariat, tariqat, haqiqat. Ibn ‘Arabi and the Mystical Journey. The door there is devastation. For this reason, comparative and competitive analyses are not included, lest the scope get too vast for the intended cause of exposition. Or desire ever leave you?

When The Rose Is Gone by Jalaluddin Rumi – Poetry Reading

Retrieved September 29,from http: The hundred tales of wisdom: Az Kinaar e khuweesh yaabim her dammi man booye yaar From the bosom of Self, I catch continually a scent of the beloved 1- And: Tell me, was Muhammad, the rumii servant of God, or Bayazid Bistami?

How long will you be free of me?

Rumi Again the quiet, consuming suffering in: According to Murtada Mutehari, ‘irfan, is concerned with ontology, and discusses God, the world, and the human being. Tasawwuf Bayak Nazar Therefore, he needed a master to guide him in the right path.

Why so much advice about existence? In an exploratory paper by Dr. History Of Literature Aasan Nazmein Part Nazm. How to join the mevlevi convent?.


download fughan e rumi pdf book

The tide of singularity washes over a languishing cry, and is silenced in submission. And because Jalaluddin does not exist, and his cord is irrevocably tied to another, his unbeing is the hulul immersion of the Highest Reality. The flippancy with which the Beloved treats the lover is recurrent in mystical poetry. fuggan

Song Of the Reed Flute. Is it the river that never finds its way to the sea?

Fughan e Rumi by Molana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar

Oudh Punch Shumara Number In a pronounced mystical sense, Shams can be considered an alias or takhallus for Rumi. Burhan jild,shumara-4,Apr Shumara Number Asad, whose voice gives me bearing, and whose Singularity always guides me home. However, the stages are not milestones on this landscape of solitary discovery- the seeker may experience one or more stations ahwal simultaneously.

John of the Cross San Juan de la Cruz: Consciousness of sexual Identity.