Few books fulfil the promise of their titles so graphically as Filth by Irvine Welsh says Alan Taylor (9 August ). Yes, things are going badly for this utterly corrupt tribune of the law, but in an Irvine Welsh novel nothing is ever so bad that it can’t get a whole lot worse. Filth. Irvine Welsh, Author W. W. Norton & Company $ (p) ISBN Welsh begins with a detective’s investigation into a murder–the death of a Ghanaian.

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Observer review: Filth by Irvine Welsh | From the Observer | The Guardian

You might even fall into the trap and get the impression that the book promotes hatred and glamorizes despicable behavior. At a certain point in the book, the narrative starts to be interrupted by a tube-like structure that appears on top of the text, and at first is only made of the word “eat” being repeated amid the zeros that fill the empty space within the tube.

Care to share that with us? There is nothing I’ve read before that so perfectly illustrates utter and complete burn out. At the end of the book, Robbo’s suicide seems to be a petty way of getting back at his ex-wife. This book is NOT for everyone, but it’s amazing.

Still it will mean plenty of overtime, a chance to stitch up some colleagues and finally clinch the promotion he craves.

Thieving, rape, drugs. And that’s just the police

He must have heard them coming, at that time of night you’d be bound to hear people on these steps. There’s no fear or regret but no elation or sense of triumph either. With one so venal it is irvlne hard filhh guess why.

The ending brings a true catharsis, it shows that the things that happened weren’t just pointless rants from the writer and one could close the book with a sense of every piece falling to its place. Sorry, really not my cup of tea: The worm knows his roots in the age-old way that those who stay behind in Scotland are apt to cut down those who have gone away and believe they have made it in the great metropolises.


If you are indifferent about this book, you might wrlsh a lot of wepsh content repetitive but Irvine Welsh cuts right through a lot of pages with the ferociousness of Edgar Wright montages while unwrapping a new layer of perversity and despair at each turn.

And if you can’t empathize with the scumbag character you might not like the book. Overall, this is a fun ride. My complaints are the accent and the lack of quotation marks which is a lot! For a misogynist you can root for, try The Book of Dave. Other minor characters mentioned in passing throughout Filth include: It’s nothing, Gillman shrugs. The ring is his and he doesnae want tae spoil his own fun by going for a knockout punch so early.

When Bruce visits his real father in prison and begins beating on him, I think it is less to do with what he did to his mother and more the fact that ivrine brought him into the world in the first place.

Goofs In the bedroom at Ocky’s flat, Bruce lifts the inhaler and the dark blue cap is on, but he immediately snaps it up and takes a puff without removing the cap. His blood fairly skooshes out, covering his face like an oily waterfall and driving me into a frenzy; I’m smashing at his head and his skull is cracking and opening and I’m digging the claw hammer into the matter of his brain and it irrvine but that’s only him pissing and shitting and the fumes are sticking fast in the still winter air and I wrench the hammer out, and stagger backwards to watch his twitching death throes, seeing him coming from terror to that graceless state of someone who knows that he is definitely falling and I feel myself losing my balance in those awkward shoes and I correct myself, turning and moving down the old stairway into the street.


This is Toal we are talking about here. The ending, the damn ending to the book. It could, for example, have real worms, or lice or maggots, eating their way through its pages rather than the imaginary one which is gobbling up the novel’s protagonist, Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson, gnawing away at him like the Ebola virus.

But ultimately you have decide is he a monster, a victim, or what? At the beginning he’s in charge of everything around filty, but slowly through the novel everything degenerates.

The gimmick of having part of the story narrated by Main Character’s tapeworm might have been an interesting gimmick if it hadn’t been just one more gimmick in a garbage-ridden sea of gimmicks. Maybe I should irvije been outraged, but I couldn’t stop laughing to tears at the poor ignorant fool and his unbelievable stupidity.

Filth (novel) – Wikipedia

He’s trying to speak now. Slug through the middle and irivne rewards are worth the wait. Niddrie’s looking on in the usual disapproving manner of the bastard.

I would recommend it to any cynical,dry humored reader like myself and can say that those of us would enjoy it thoroughly.

It is filled with some of the most crazy and strange scenes that I have seen in film. As his younger brother was basked in attention and love, Bruce was abused, ignored and even forced to eat coal.

They don’t understand the type of world we’re living in now; all those menaced souls clamouring for attention and recognition.