Buy Fantasy for Euphonium and by SPARKE P at Concert Band Sheet Music. Documents Similar To Fantasy for Euphonium and Concert Band – Phillip Sparke[ 1]. Cafe Solo Part. Uploaded by. FornYun Wang. II Mov Concerto For.

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The ‘variations’ are less actual variations on the tune itself, but more a comment on certain melodic aspects. The bracketed numbers tell you the precise instrumentation of the ensemble. This arrangement by Keith Wilkinson does not disappoint at all.

Now finally available in a version with piano accompaniment! As well euphonihm a considerable quantity of chamber, vocal and instrumental music, he has composed twelve extended works for Brass Band and five symphonies for Symphonic Wind Orchestra. Check Steve’s recording out on World of the Euphonium Vol.

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The version with brass band accompaniment is also available on this site. There is one brief opportunity of extending technique for the soloist to utilize multiphonics.

Wondrous Starry Night, and 3. Whenever he almost got hold fantzsy a piece of fruit, a strong wind rose and blew the branches out of reach. Should you need added incentive to practice, all of the items exist in readily available recorded formats, so why not load up your favourite band and play along? The opening movement features a slightly technical style with a great energy.

From the pen of Steven Mead, this piece will be sure to delight audiences and performers alike. The popularity of Sarasate’s Spanish flavour in his compositions is reflected in the work of his contemporaries.

Played by Steve in his recent recitals.

This is an account of the great detective’s final struggle sparks his long-time adversary Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. This is an epic and majestic euphonium concerto, written very much in a Spanish style, especially the two outer movements.


He and I share the same passion for beautiful lyrical music. Steve was given this music in a very old edition when he was This is definitely a great arrangement of this solo that has proven the test-of-time.

This theme and variations soloIs one of the most advanced in the series and of its genre and will suit and show off the advanced player. This warmhearted work simply oozes charm.

It’s been described as “a celebration of the wide range, dexterity and tone of the Euphonium. Since then he has played Trombone or Euphonium with almost all the British orchestras.

Fantasy for Euphonium

The titles included in this collection are: The syncopated theme stated by the violin has a distinct Spanish flavour with some idiomatic Spanish rhythms and featuring huge leaps and brilliant arpeggios. The first movement sets the pace for the entire piece.

In the 18th century when Italian opera dominated Europe we find euphoniumm 30 year old Mercadente leaving Italy in to try his fortunes in Spain and Portugal.

A beautiful melancholic tune. It was first performed at the Paris opera in Since its release, the publishing company Larghetto Music has sought to make this perhaps the highest priced sheet music for euphonium and piano that exists. This Concertino, Opus 45, was originally written for natural horn foor E minor but has been adapted for euphonium by Stuart Johnson. The opening movement contains much syncopation and is almost rag-like in style. With its similar fingering, the ophicleide was in that period the only brass instrument which could cope with music for inherently more nimble woodwind instruments.

The theme of the Fugue contains many silences.

La Campanella has become a popular display piece with transcriptions available for other solo instruments. Nowadays, Robert Groslot mainly works as a composer. A brand new and truly original work, not too difficult, by one of France’s most notable brass composers of the modern era, Frank Steckar. It is quite beautiful music, with a few gentle jazz elements heard.


Also, it should be noted that Euphonium can be doubled by either Trombone or Tuba.

Fantasy for Euphonium & Band

Respectfully Yours was commissioned by Fabian Bloch, and is scored for euphonium and piano and can be heard on his Drive CD, also available on this site. A little more extented high range than with some of this series, up to high Eb euphoniuk clef. The Lento espressivo fulfils a desire of the soloist for long expressive soarke, for which he has a particular fondness.

Textures are primarily transparent and ethereal, but the atmosphere of all four works is a bit sinister, mordant and menacing. Its yearning intervals seem tailor-made for the euphonium.

Other Required and Solo parts follow the strings: This classic solo has been reset by Philip Sparke in to concert Eb. The Bassoon Concerto in F by Carl Maria von Weber has been arranged for many instruments, but the single-movement Rondo Giocoso has been set expertly by Edrich Siebert for euphonium and piano in this edition.

Simone Mantia is one of the most important euphonium virtuosi in the history of the instrument. His Concerto for Double Bass is charming and sports simple lines, crisp rhythms, and elegance of form. All too often, the early stages of learning an instrument can be a solitary process.

All sets of music come complete with score, parts, with the soloists part in both bass clef concert and Bb treble clef parts.