Eurotherm Part No. HA Issue 7 June 2. A, A Specification Sheet. Specification. Recorder. Environmental performance. Temperature limits. View and Download Eurotherm A user manual online. Paperless graphic recorder. A Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Also for: a. View and Download Eurotherm A user manual online. and mm Paperless graphic recorder. A Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Also for.

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When disabled, the connection with the slave is terminated.

This appears as a point ID, followed by the relevant alarm number in parentheses. The TRS pinout is given in figure Register Name Hex Dec.

Overwrite Oldest data is replaced with latest data when storage medium is full. Thermocouples may be connected directly, or by using extension compensating cable. A scroll bar appears if there are more points than can be displayed in the available screen height. As more printers become available, printer drivers can be imported as described in section Select maths Maths Number channel number Operator Event active when: It is as- sumed that the Serial comms link with the printer has been successfully established.

This manual does not describe network setup in detail, as each network is different. Function This picklist allows the relevant maths function to be selected.


If Centralised Security is enabled, none of the other parameters in this menu can be edited at the recorder. Page of Go. This job can be used to synchronise a number of recorders as follows: Transmitter power supplies are not suitable for use with dc or low-voltage ac supplies.

Eurotherm 6100A User Manual

The first channel on any input card may not be a digital input type. The recorder is set up to drive a number of recommended printers. For input tables, these parameters are: In the example above the eurotehrm has the embedded values of Instrument name, Instrument number, channel 1 alarm 1 status, as implied by the eurktherm text.

Once the program starts, a Host name and User eurohterm will be requested as depicted in figure 6. For this reason, the recorder manufacturer takes no responsi- bility for the accuracy of the results obtained using the mass flow equations implemented in the maths pack. The User Screen picklist allows the user to define which User screen is to be ‘replaced’ by the imported file.

Selecting ‘Access’ displays the current user level.

Press the Option key to call the Option Menu. The following table gives a multiplica- tion factor for converting some common units to MPa MegaPascalsto four significant figures. Using the maths functions, it is possible to totalise combinations of input channels, so the value of two channels added together, or the difference between two channels could be totalised if required.


Scaling Whether Scaling appears or not is Model and Parameter dependent. None Archive must be initiated by the operator section 4. Touch the blank Password area to call the keyboard display see figure 3.

This feature should eurptherm used with discretion, or the situation might arise in which the record- er cannot be logged onto, either at a particular access level or at all. See also section 2.


Home Group faceplates appear only if Faceplates selected On from option menu. Pressure varies with height as indicated in table 4. Event not active when: Absolute high alarm definitions Absolute low alarm definitions symbol symbol Input signal Threshold Hysteresis Hysteresis Input signal Threshold Hysteresis: Most items are self-evident. Save As shown in figure 4. Not all components have all the following parameters associated with them.

Headings can be up to 20 characters long including spaces. The format which is automatically selected is based on the number of channels in the display group.