Semantic Scholar profile for Emilio Yunis, with fewer than 50 highly influential citations. Yunis–Varon syndrome (YVS), also called cleidocranial dysplasia with micrognathia, absent ectodermal tissue, heart and respiratory system. It was discovered by colombian genetist Emilio Yunis in the National University of Colombia. Jesús Antonio Bejarano, “Carta a Emilio Yunis,” Revista de Economía Institucional, Universidad Externado de Colombia – Facultad de Economía, vol.

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emiilo Several populations emilo Europe, Asia and the United States have been typed for the Y chromosome minimal haplotype and their fmilio frequencies have been reported to the Y chromosome reference database YHRD Paternal directional mating in two Amerindian subpopulations located at different altitudes in northwestern Argentina.

American J Hum Genet. Similar results were obtained in the past using the major histocompatibility complex and other genetic markers Yunis et al. This study provides emjlio information on mtDNA haplogroup distribution in several Colombian Amerindian populations to previous studies Keyeux et al.

However, the Chibcha speaking tribes have a tendency to cluster much closer together due to the high frequency of haplogroup A and low frequencies for haplogroups C and D.

Only six haplotypes were found to be shared between these two ethnic groups 2. High-resolution analysis of human Y-chromosome variation shows a sharp discontinuity and limited gene flow between northwestern Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. The strong genetic differentiation between the Chibcha and non-Chibcha speaking tribes is likely due to the high frequency of haplogroup A among these populations.

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Carta a Emilio Yunis

Previous studies of Colombian Amerindian populations have shown high frequencies of haplogroups A and C and lower frequencies for haplogroup D Keyeux et al. Ninety-six out of haplotypes were single instance haplotypes, one haplotype was shared between six individuals, six haplotypes were shared by three individuals and seven haplotypes were shared by two individuals each table 1. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Each amplification reaction consisted of 2.


On the other hand, our results do not support the hypothesis that the Andes mountain range served as a differentiation factor for the Amerindian tribes studied. If you know of missing items citing this one, you can help us creating those links by adding the relevant references in the same way as above, for each refering item.

Los haplotipos STR de cromosoma Y han sido ampliamente utilizados en estudios de poblaciones para establecer el emiio de diversas poblaciones. Yunis—Varon yuniis Yunis—Varon syndrome has an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance. One hundred and fourteen of the haplotypes were single instance haplotypes, one haplotype was present in five unrelated individuals, 2 haplotypes in four individuals and 5 haplotypes in two unrelated individuals each.

Alternately, it could be the result of fission, fragmentation and founder effects Cavalli-Sforza et al.

An attempt to reconstruct the chromosome evolution in 19 primary retinoblastoma tumors was made, taking into consideration the frequencies of the rearrangements for each case. Yunis and Luis E.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Published online Mar 5. These results are probably true for the population of the Choco department due to several factors. Frequency data for mtDNA haplogroups belonging to Amerindian populations of South and Central America used in the analysis were obtained yunid the literature, see Table S1 Ginther et al.

Yunis–Varon syndrome – Wikipedia

Our results are in agreement with historical data indicating that most of the Spanish colonizers of the new world came from Andalucia, Extremadura, and Castilla in that order during the 16 th and 17 th centuries Lists with This Book. American Journal of Diseases of Children.

The four founding lineages hypothesis for the New World. This allows to link your profile to this item. For this purpose, numbers of shared haplotypes between the Caucasian-Mestizo and African descent populations of Colombia were determined for each of the haplotypes identified. Studies about genetic variation among human populations are of great value for understanding genetic structure, emilil routes and possible genetic relationships among different continental populations, and mitochondrial DNA mtDNA analysis has frequently put to such use in American populations Schurr et al.


Books by Emilio Yunis Turbay. Historia del negro en Colombia. In addition, unrelated individuals dmilio to 20 Amerindian tribes of Colombia Yunis J.

Conceptions and misconceptions of the population prehistory of the Americas. Mitochondrial variation in Colombia: Abstract We analyzed hunis frequency of four mitochondrial DNA haplogroups in individuals from 21 Colombian Amerindian tribes. Its indigenous population is distributed in 89 different ethnic groups which are estimated to represent 1. Population genetic and evolutionary aspects.

Emilio Yunis

The second possibility could be the case for the Wayuu, Arsario and Paez tribes in which admixture has been documented by blood groups and HLA class II genes Yunis et al. Taken together, our results showed a limited contribution of Caucasian Y-STR haplotypes yunls the Afro-Colombian population of the Choco Department as well as a limited contribution of Afro- Colombian Y-STR haplotypes in the Caucasian- Mestizo population of the east-central Andean region of Colombia corroborating previous studies with autosomal rmilio.

Numbers of shared haplotypes between the Caucasian-Mestizo and African descent populations of Colombia were determined for each of the haplotypes identified. This result is probably due to the fact that the Arab admixture of the Colombian population has been mainly with Lebanese and Palestinian populations and not with Arab populations of North Africa. This rare … More. Genetic diversity values were higher among the Tucano-Equatorial speaking tribes 0.

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