I believe that these tensions and con- flicts are .. Anthropologist, Carles Feixa ( , 60), who defines juvenile cultures .. Carles. (). El reloj de Arena. See, for example, Garcia Saldafia, El Rey criollo; Arana, Guaraches de ante azul; and Anthropologist Carles Feixa points out that, beginning in the early , young See Feixa, El reloj de arena, 43, 51; Manzano, “The Making of Youth in . Feixa Pàmpols, Carles. La joventut com a metáfora. Barcelona: Secretaria General de Joventut, —. El Reloj de Arena. Culturasjuveniles en México.

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In R the second PSF took place, and it was marked by the same kind of tensions. Buenos Aires, Novedades Educativas, For example, more radical youth movements including anti- R militarism Pastor, or squatting Feixa et al. As in all O fiestas, one can hear music and distinctive sounds: This is not only true for economic, political and cor- porate multinational structures, but also aeena the networked resistances to those R hegemonic forces.

Barcelona and Lisbon are thus caught up in a broader transnationally networked movement web involving a complex interweaving of agents, events, spaces and discourses. Finally, fekxa suggested earlier, these local movements and platforms are gradually incorporating themselves into pre-existing international networks.

El Reloj de arena: culturas juveniles en México – Carles Feixa – Google Books

Despite their ephemerality, events also generate ongoing pro- L IA cesses that begin far in advance of their public expression and that result from the interconnection of multiple dynamics, including external political issues C and opportunities as well as internal identities and resources. Espace public, mouvements sociaux et contexte In particular, local initiatives diffuse transnationally, while global events manifest themselves in diverse local contexts.


Arenq relaciones entre escuela y cultura juvenil pueden equipararse a las que se dan en un matrimonio mal avenido que se pasa la vida discutiendo aunque no Carles Feixa Publicaciones – fr. Skip to main content. The Internet thus not only allowed activists to coordinate more rapidly, it also reinforced their broader libertarian ideals.

His SE book, Networking Futures: The platform is currently defunct, but the mailing list is active and is used to disseminate information. I’ll be really very grateful.

The political engagement of young people has experimented a sort of revival in recent years in Mexico. Mobile phones FO are increasingly being used to call for demonstrations and public happenings. The battle had already begun by the time we finish our beer. In this sense, the juxtaposition of contingent platforms czrles more permanent alliances makes this variable geometry even more dy- namic.

O Khasnabish, Alex Zapatismo beyond Borders.


Since then, subsequent forums have drawn hundreds of thousands of participants, includingat the third L WSF in Porto Alegre. For a complete state of the art on the concept and its implications for youth studies, see Hoikkala Collective action tends to alternate between latent phases where movements M develop discourses and identities and moments of greater public visibility M Melucci, For example, a drag-queen carries a banner saying: This article explores one regional context: De jovenes bandas y tribus – Feixa, carles.

Numerous journalists were on hand collecting statements. They also have an FO impact in terms of the appropriation of urban space. When I arrived, activists had already finished their lunch and were seated on the grass among all their posters and banners.

Younger activists are also characteristically drawn to more non- M conventional forms of direct action protest, involving creative, expressive or O violent repertoires. Web-based directories, mailing lists focusing on different O topics and alternative media constitute some of the most important Internet-based networking tools see Castells, ; Juris b. Sociology of Social Movements. Prague led to an explosion in grassroots participation and media coverage, diffusing an anti-corporate globalization discourses and linking local and global struggles.


In the information age, the arena of citizenship is extended in three directions: As discussed previously, was also the year of the first May Day parade in Lisbon.

Identidad y relaciones sociales ; Carlos Feixa… Indeed, given their growing dissatisfaction with institutional politics young people are increasingly C attracted to such informal, grassroots forms of political participation. O Large demonstrations include increasingly symbolic actions and performances, N and particular groups are specializing recognizable routines. II — The Power of Identity, 2nd edition.

Environmentalist, pacifist, O feminist, gay-lesbian and counter-cultural movements were characteristic ex- N amples. Although, some have questioned whether such a distinction is relevant Calhoun,we find it useful for our limited purposes here to highlight the characteristics associated with emerging forms of movement that crles elements of both old and new. The phase of latency comprises the last decade of the twentieth century.

carles feixa el reloj de arena pdf

On the T other hand, activists are developing new forms of political expression and action. The march reflected the new symbolic logics of performative action, aiming to at- tract attention via spectacular street protests cf. carless

During the march, the group adapted its activities to the area where they were marching, distributing leaflets at McDonalds or organizing performances in front of the Ministry of Labour.