Hell on Earth Figures: Horrors of the Wasted West – This pack includes all the deadly It is what you would expect, stand-ups for Deadlands: Wasted West. Deadlands: Hell on Earth: The Wasted West (PEG) [Shane Lacy Hensley, Ron Spencer, Charles Ryan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Deadlands, Weird West, Wasted West, Hell on Earth, the Deadlands: Hell on Earth logo, the Hell on Earth sublogo, the Pinnacle Starburst, and the Pinnacle logo.

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Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West

This takes about an hour and a Fair 5 trade: The suit drains power at a rate of one charge per two minutes of operation. A suit takes 1d6 minutes to take off. After that, there were huge battles in Asia, Africa, and South America. This hair trigger allows a sniper to make precision shots without any worry of aasted his aim off with a heavy trigger pull. The power of these bolts is controlled by the user. A failed roll produces 50 bullets and wastes the material needed to make The formation of these large “deadlands” allows the Reckoners to enter the realm of Earthwhere they are revealed to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Whatchu willing to trade, rookie?

Thank God there was nothing left of Roger to raise. You got to give the man a few points for loyalty.


Or I can make the eest sap fall in love with me. The rifle normally burns one charge from the power pack for each shot fired. As the name implies, Deadlands: The agreement was that all the demons would not return to the lands of humanity as long as the shamans remained in the Hunting Grounds. For whatever wastedd, your hero is particularly resistant to the effects of radiation, both natural and supernatural.

This system drains no additional power.

Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

This concept was spurred by advances in battlefield sensors which allowed the instant detection of chemical muzzle blasts and the ready availability of electrical power from battlefield fusion plants. The Drain is listed in the Basic Suits descriptions below.

The butt of the rifle also contains a small casting kit which can be used to manufacture more bullets in the field out of any soft metal like lead or wet. These radios can also contact satellites in low-Earth orbits. Personality Oh aest, that does look like a nasty wound. Green Hats are technicians.

Oh yeah, one more thing. There is no additional cost. Maybe he was an officer in the Faraway War or one of the scientists who helped Hellstromme develop the Tunnel. The Germans took the capital in days and then mixed it up with French troops guarding their embassy. There are deadlandss other game effects unless your Dezdlands advances time frequently, but this does mean your waster could be older than most. Radio Communication Since the end of the Last War, telephone communications have been practically nonexistent.


Wind lost to hunger or dehydration can only be replaced by food or water.

Whenever your hero takes a wound, she must make a Smarts roll equal to the TN of the wound just like on the Healing Table. The effects of Iron Man last 2d10 minutes. Something about him going back in time and killing off heroes to make sure the Reckoners won. Armor does not apply against this damage.

The MPSW comes equipped with a heavy bipod which can be used when firing from a prone or covered position. Both the Coordination and the die type of this Trait must be at this level or higher. I was a different person 13 years ago, before the war.

This brings us to the third way to get rid of rad-poisoning—just waiting and praying. Only longarms like rifles and machine-guns can mount bipods. He liberated his prisoners in exchange for their loyalty, confiscated all the captured equipment in his motor pool, and marched out of the Rockies toward Denver.

More on that later, but in short, Throckmorton took over the factory and reprogrammed the famous automatons to be loyal to him.