1. 1. B 5 5. 5 5. C. 1. 1. D 2. 2. E. F. G. H. Non-Standard Distribution Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M (series), Conventional. (f) Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M (series). (g) Casualty .. h. Recommend performance requirements for boat crew positions that would enhance proficiency and safety. Oxyacetylene PQS. M (series) v. H. IONSCAN Program Refs (a) DSF Tactical Operators Policy COMDTINST (j) Water Survival Training Program DOGINST M (PQS only) 4. Carrier Pouches/straps/accessories: Pouches stowed properly; no loose.

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All other colors are prohibited. Any device that emits condtinst strong aromatic smell is prohibited below decks as they can impede the ability to detect small fires. Sunglass frames and lens shall be cmodtinst in color.

Shoes with high gloss synthetic upper portions generally known as Corfram will not be worn aboard Coast Guard vessels or aircraft unless specifically authorized by the commanding officer for short-term temporary uses. Socks are worn with oxfords for men or women.

Full text of “Coast Guard Medical Manual”

Ordered by precedence from top down, and from the wearer’s right inboard to left outboard. It consists of ear and neck flaps, and straps with covered metal snap fasteners worn under the chin or over the top of the hat. Validate Preventative Maintenance task are being properly documented and recorded. Adds in the SDB “Alpha”. Officer in Charge Ashore A pewter-toned device with a wreath of oak leaves open at the top with a Coast Guard shield in its center.


Rain Covers Rain Covers are clear plastic with an elasticized bottom edge, and are optional for wear over the entire Blousing bands are optional; comdtunst not used, trousers can be tucked into boot, and then adjusted to appear bloused. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Flat brims are not authorized.

Commissioned and Chief Warrant Officers 3. Hosiery may be worn with oxfords, pumps of flats for women. Miniature ribbon replicas made as lapel pins, or ribbons in rosette form. If the 3M Brand condtinst luminescent fields are used, are the red and blue letters used correctly?


All bags worn with the uniform or carried must conceal its contents and be either solid black co,dtinst navy blue comdtinzt color. The nametag will have the individual s last name and the legend U.

Coast Guard personnel are responsible for maintaining their personal appearance and their uniforms to reflect the long and proud history and traditions of the Coast Guard.

The black cimdtinst will be to the wearer s right. Ensure adequate ventilation is installed and operating. Individuals may wear optional items at their discretion, except when these regulations or prescribing authorities specifically prohibit their wear. White Oxford Shoes, Pumps, or Flats Oxfords, pumps, or flats are worn with the trousers; pumps are mandatory with the skirt.

Neckties Updates the wear policy on the necktie: Government X Note 1 – Although uniform wear may be optional, all uniforms must be worn to inspection-ready standards when worn in the above authorized circumstances. Women s trousers are unbelted with side zipper.

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At their discretion, Area Commanders may designate their representative from operational field units. Moustache Moustache can t extend below top of upper lip or beyond the corners of mouth If worn, a moustache must be neatly groomed. In cold weather, insulated Navy blue undershirts may be worn with the ODU top only with the sleeves rolled down. Equivalent to Service Dress Blue Jumper Length When hemming the jumper, finish the bottom of the skirt with a 2 to 3 inch hem parallel to the floor.

The numbers will not obscure the individual s name. A totally clean, shaven scalp is authorized. Other distinctive uniforms, such as for local security forces, unit-level color guards, and funeral details, are authorized with approval of the cognizant district commander, and will conform to the special uniform standards outlined in Chapter 4. Must be carried in left hand. Backpacks may also be worn over both shoulders forward to aft when wearing the ODU.


Dinner Dress Uniforms or when the maternity uniforms no longer fit comfortably. Short sleeved shirts are worn without tab tie. With Multiple medals, medals may overlap the lapel and extend onto the chest area. Coast Guard uniforms and components, and guidance coomdtinst all Coast Guard activities prescribing uniform wear in order to present a consistent Coast Guard image worldwide.

Miniature Devices See section 3. Ultimately they shall present a clean natural look. Government vehicles, vessels, or aircraft X Traveling on orders in commercial conveyances X Traveling on orders in a foreign country X On Duty Under Instruction X Participating in traditional veteran s functions, parades, X ceremonies, and other community events honoring the United States or U. Are the piping systems properly stenciled as to the fluid?

The silver letter “O” device may be worn with a Combat “V”, but only if it has been issued for a separate award n the one that authorized the Combat “V”.

A line comdtimst the trident and compass rose. Proper consideration should be given to determine if the wearing of civilian clothing is necessary to meet the needs of the service for any given situation! This training will consist of blindfolded escape from working, berthing and watchstanding spaces. Port Security A gold-toned officers or a pewter-toned enlisted insignia with two seahorses facing outward from a Coast Guard shield on two crossed swords and a trident on a background of stylized waves.

DOC File – maritime DC & PPE Information Center

Device Command Ashore A gold and silver device with a miniature officer eagle cap device superimposed on a wreath of gold oak leaves. If unavoidable, for safety and to ensure military protocol is observed, personnel should stop and step aside to conduct business before proceeding. Any dispatch of equipment and personnel pursuant to the Comvtinst is subject to the following conditions: