Whatever recreational pursuit you enjoy, Bunyip State Park provides Not camping at picnic grounds within the park. History. The first people to live in the area. Bunyip State Park park is full of lush foliage and offers a variety of trails for walking or hiking; ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty. Description: This map provides an overview of visitor facilities in Bunyip State Park, Victoria, Australia. This map was updated by Parks Victoria in July

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Some of the trail follows maintenance tracks and roads so keep an eye out on these sections for vehicle traffic. Turn left at Tynong Road and walk a short distance to the junction of Avards Track. Can I change my walk? Are you interested in more from Bushwalking Blog? Beware of the Bunyip, a dark furry animal with a round face, small ears and fiery eyes that glow in the dark!

After m you will reach a small car park at the gated Guide Track. We went to see the four brothers rock today and couldnt figure it out the location although we cane to four brothers car park. Neil Fahey on November 16, at 9: Having trouble uploading your photo? Great track notes on your blog and we found the ParkVic map was extra helpful because there are SO many foot tracks, walking roads and driving roads in there.

Bunyip State Park Closest Town: Step 1 Zoom into the map to the start point of your walk. You were also pretty spot on with the timing. The walk was good, challenging in places but no where near as good as the cathedral ranges. Search Near Me More Options. If you are walking in Spring you will encounter many bright yellow ‘rods’ along the way, the Spike Wattle in bloom. Hey Neil this is a great blog. Select park or region. Camping Fees do not apply to these campgrounds.


Thanks for the info, thinking of heading back to catherdal next week. Great to hear you got better views than we did! Walkers wandering through a forest of Silver-leaf Stringybark ;ark Narrow-leaf Peppermint trees.

Button Grass Walk (Bunyip State Park) – Walking Maps

It brought back a lot of memories for me because I remember when the whole area was logging trails. The description and the course map. Style Circuit One Way Return.

The area has its own strengths, it is beautiful in winter too in fact perhaps at its best on those foggy days and there are many opportunities to take in the quiet.

Neil on August 9, at 3: Thanks again for a great easy to follow guide. To delete your walk, please contact us: I was going to go walking at Lysterfield park on the weekend, but as part of it may have been closed I opted to do the Bunyip walk instead after seeing that you had recently blogged on it.

Beaufort Lake Track 1 Walk Beaufort.

Some tracks were quite slippery after rain but definitely not bad enough to put me off visiting again in the same weather. Through their cultural traditions, Aboriginal people maintain their connection to their ancestral lands and waters.

Bunyip State Park Southern Circuit (16km)

The dam is feed by Button-grass creek. Thanks for your efforts. I’ve never actually seen the car park myself but judging from the map, it appears to be just to the west of where I joined Burgess Road on ma; walk see description and map above.

The first part of the bunhip takes you under a canopy of eucalypts – Silver-leaf Stringybark and Narrow-leaf Peppermint. Notice the dramatic changes in flora as we drop down into the wet heathland areas along the walk.


Bunyip State Park | Four Wheel Driving & Trail Bike Riding Visitor Guide

Boardwalk A boardwalk allows the waker to keep their feet dry while giving the opportunity to explore parts of the wet heathland that would otherwise be hard to access. Continue along Avards Track to the junction of Luptons Track. Parking at Mortimer Picnic Ground, we found the beginning of the walk across the grassed area to the west. I just got back 1 week ago from an 8 day walk on the Larapinta Trail near the Alice.

Lots of great info on here. See a mosiac of green from heathland on river plains to Mountain Ash forest covering steep slopes. Numbered Markers For lots of detail about the abundant flora along the walk, vunyip up a copy of the flora notes at the beginning of the walk. Either way works fine.

Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If you are a commercial operator, a member of a club, an online group, blogger or commercial website and wish to use any information from this site, my eBooks or printed publications you are required to first seek binyip permission from the copyright owner. The walk down seemed even longer than the walk up, nevertheless, I would rate this walk as possibly one of the best around!

Hi Neil great stuff, good walks and info. Neil on September 26, at 4: Thank you judi m. Click on the map. Log in to Reply. Turn left north and make the steep climb to Burgess Road.