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The Archko volume is on the loose again! Everyone under the table!

Mahan claimed the text was supplied to him in by a German scholar, Henry Fref. Taken from the ancient parchments and scrolls at Constantinople and the Vatican at Rome: The archko volume W. The title Archko Volume appeared during this period, as did the note “Second edition”. Goodspeed, Strange New Gospels Chicago: He later revised the book as Modern Apocrypha.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Either way, as a Christian, what I find most disturbing is the ferocity with which others find it necessary to pronounce him a fraud and a liar? Lew Wallaceauthor of Ben-Hur: Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page.

Fortress Press, 53— A short sketch of the Talmuds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Edited by Open Library Bot.

The Archko Volume – Wikipedia

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Mahan, be, and the same is hereby declared indefinite, or, until he shall have complied with the law of the Church, as it applies in the case. Mahan would use all proper efforts to heal the wounds his course had inflicted; and. I myself obtained a copy of the first editionand also of the second edition, as this was the only way to access such things.


The omission of the Eli text suggests that the court verdict was known to the reviser. Believing that no event, of as much importance as the death of Jesus of Nazareth was to the world, could have transpired without some record being made of it by his enemies in their courts, legislations and histories, I commenced investigating the subject.

The Archko Volume Or The Archeological Writings Of The Sanhedrim And Talmuds Of The Jews

Mahan Published by Antiquarian Book Co. You might also like. Mclntosh and Twyman—and went to the Vatican at Rome, and then to the Jewish Talmuds at Constantinople, incurring a risk of my life as well as expending a aechko deal of money.

Skip to content Curses, curses. What makes him so much more credible than Mahan?

Table of Contents How these records were discovered. Whereas, The definite form of said suspension was more the result of sympathy for him and his family, than a desire for rigid administration of the law, and this sympathy being exercised under the hope that said W. Colume interesting note at the Wikipedia article on William Dennes Mahan suggests that someone has taken the time to research further: Why should we believe Goodspeed? Gamaliel’s interview with Joseph and Mary and others concerning Jesus.


Mahan found himself with a best-seller on his hands, and was quickly making good money. I have no problem believing what he states in his book could be true, any more than I have no problem believing his book could be a fraud.

The archko volume ( edition) | Open Library

Edition Notes Genre Apocryphal and legendary literature. But we can check the two editions of the book ourselves by clicking those links above. At one point, a strange word reveals that a single line of the printed text of Ben-Hur has accidentally been omitted archkko copying. Mahan was summoned before church authorities in September on charges of falsehood and plagiarism. Other clergymen in Boonville wrote querying how he could possibly have made any such journey, given that he had only left Boonville for a couple of months.

There’s no fres for this book yet.