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In earlier days, chips needed all kinds of weird voltages. Bipolar is generally very fast. It was used for very high speed circuits.

(PDF) 74LS01 Datasheet download

What the datasheey solution is depends on dahasheet kinds of factors: Example Since a lot of people seem to have trouble choosing, here a more practical example.

Get as many data books as you can and study them until you familiarize yourself with all these differences. Open inputs At It’s only relevant when for example battery life must optimal or signal speed is crucial. But they designed a special version of the 74HCT04 for this: Can you tell me the meaning of the term z-state High impedance for a digital circuit and how do all the logic families implement this?

Cray’s were made with it.

If the signal takes too long the circuit may start to behave badly at first at higher temperatures etc. Motherboards were getting cheaper and cheaper. More subtle differences By Andrew Ingraham 1. The 54 family is meant for military purposes. Datasheft currentin both high and low states.


When you want to make something that can also be used in cold or hot climates for example. But when you come down to using them in your circuits, you also need to think about things like: The is a traditional processor which can’t add wait states in his read and writes, so datashedt time from address available to data read is fixed and limited.

74LS01: 14P Quad 2 input NAND Gate (0. C.)

Can unused inputs float? This was the original series. In my opinion, the major differences from the user’s perspective, are speed, and input thresholds. Now they generate their own low current voltage internally by way of a charge pump, if necessary.

You can’t use the 74HCT04 as an oscillator with a crystalas was often done. GaAs was also considered or even used for very fast chips. The entire unit was about the size of a modern office photocopier, and weighed more. Faster gates will see noise glitches on their inputs that slower gates miss.

Power inputs of a chip can normally withstand a power surge, but inputs may not. It means transmission in this case and the propagation time or propagation delay is the time in which a signal travels through a gate. It was safer to moisten your finger first so the temperature would stay below degrees C. Uses lots of current to achieve high speed. Is it suitable for driving long bus wires, or will pulsewidths suffer?


Uses Schottky barrier diodes from memory between the base and collector to prevent the transistors saturating, hence improving speed when they turn off. This may not only cause highly increased power usage but also other undesired effects. Also the 74ls04 that was often used in an oscillator datasheeet couldn’t be replaced by the 74HCT04, but they produce a special 74lss01, the 74HCU04 that can be used in this special way.

They were already obsolete in the late 70’s when I started tinkering with this stuff. Only one of those is normally conducting electrical datasheft at a certain moment pulling the output pin either to the 0V or the 5V. The backplane was connected with wire-wrap. However, it was very power hungry.

Popular Electronics. 74LS 14P Quad 2 input NAND Gate (0. C.)

You probably also know that IBM had a couple of water cooled mainframe computers in a period that their processors couldn’t 74l01 cooled well enough with air. It means Emittor Coupled Logic 47ls01 it is extensively used in high speed digital data handling systems. Xenix was still expensive though. For some technologies it seems to be recommended to connect the 5V via a relatively low-R resistor 4k7 for example. With the arrival of the there was absolutely no incentive to build our own computers anymore.

Power dissipation, if you have a lot of them.