k Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Joerg Koch/ c (@c). c Magazine – The leading online destination for men’s contemporary fashion and streetwear. Shop at our store and also enjoy the best in daily editorial. Finding the new in the old and the old in the new, c invites leading and emerging creatives to collaborate on mono-thematic issues.

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The minute you separate text and image, it already feels very different. It was a very interesting life experience. Did you ever get in trouble with Pantone? The methods of working are still the same. Any questions please contact customer service at info magazinecafestore.

It could also be about real jagazine development, or a renovation 03c a building. When we started, we were happy to break even with one advertisement. If it works for print, we do print.

MAGAZINE MASTERS: Joerg Koch/c | TISSUE Magazine

Heat and compression have melted the meaning from our past algorithms, while aimless citizens wander in search of a new morality. With your new online appearance you have one story each day. Not for the sense of provocation or anything like that, but just putting it out there and being there and doing it. Great contributors attract other great contributors so never lower your expectations or ambitions.

Even before, you supported us for Nude Paper. For me, the period is now defining c, and that comes back to the whole notion of being sexy and dangerous. When we started the magazine, we wanted to have a website. It was basic-ally a deconstruction of the magazine. Counterintuitive in the sense that, for us, it 032f interesting that the magazine got more radical in its ambition, its outlook and production of stories with the more advertisement it got.


How long does it take to create each issue of c? I always found it interesting to see 032v architects, like Rem Koolhaas, pushing theory within commercial realities, within commercial restraints.

Two editors, loads of printed matter, and cutting right to the chase. If it works as an exhibition, we do an exhibition. You can be rest assured to find a magazune gift for all your friends and family.

Published by Aglecmagaziheand Motto. Juergen Teller makes peace with a soccer rival, a Renaissance accountant predicts the future of menswear, and the anti-aging industry performs a Swiss Air First Class takeover of the Bauhaus tradition — all this and more in SELECT, a page bonanza of our favorite products of the season. Domestic US magazine subscription will begin in weeks usually or based on the publishers mailing run.

No, we were not that dogmatic. I think the more mature you are with your work, the more you realize when 032 have to move on a little bit.

How do you rate this product? With c, we had to magaaine everything by ourselves, or make everything ourselves with connections, with understanding or learning the trades of the industry.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anderson explains why he prefers interviews to psychotherapy, and how the fashion industry is an autobahn: Sitting between several piles of magazines behind the eight meter Konstantin Grcic vitrine, we start our conversation in the c workshop in Berlin magazind our friend, mentor, and supporter, Joerg Koch. Deliver this magazine as a Gift and surprise the recipient with an E-Certificate, which will be emailed to you once you have completed your order.

It was a very international system that we wanted to tap into. Add to Cart Deliver this magazine as a Gift and surprise the recipient with an E-Certificate, which will be emailed to you once you have completed your order.


This was the phase where we did the design with Petra Langhammer. Retrieved 18 March I think that motivates everybody here in the office. So there are all these different mgaazine of c. The Business of Fashion. Although a cursory survey reveals that there are zero-tattoo and zero-body modifications within the c gang, we are, however, big fans of the exciting new publication, SANG BLEU.

So, much to the dismay of my wife, I keep them. They were very supportive. So we did this big change where we went into glossy and did big photography stories, and we had this real separation between text and image.

If any delays in processing the order, one of our customer representatives will contact you. I was really in the new economy before I dropped out.

Did anyone ask this question before? And what about sex?

032c WEEKEND MIX 001:

The bandwidth of pleasure-pain has become endless. Of course, there are all these politics now involved with the magazine—advertisement, working with photographers, working with fashion brands, etc.

Email A semi-regular digest of our latest content, products, 032cc activities. With a strong background in DIY culture, Koch inspires to just go for it rather than passively ruminating a possible formula for success. Is the answer always the same?

A closer look shows conclusions which can be applied to general aspects of throughout life.